Internet Services


The OLA Award winning RxWizard™, at, is a laboratory communication system for receiving Rx orders and returning status information to Eye Care Professional (ECP) systems via the internet. Easy to use "cascading menus" style of screen entry ensures accurate information is sent with each job — eliminating errors. Not only is RxWizard™ customized for each laboratory, it also allows ECPs to send frame traces via the Web to speed processing.

Seer for iOS and Android

Our latest development is the Seer — a mobile app for iOS and Android. The Seer takes many of the functions of the RxWizard™ on the go, allowing Eyecare Professionals to stay in touch with their work even when they cannot reach the office. More information on the Seer is available on the iTunes store, or on the Google Play website.

EPX — the Electronic Prescription EXchange

EPX allows VISION users to interface with other online services. This allows labs to transfer work over the web, interface with approved practice management and retail systems, and integrate services like VisionWeb and Eyefinity.

Web Communications

VISION contains Internet modules for tasks like: sending lens orders, transmitting usage reports to vendors, updating customers with pertinent notifications, sending secure monthly statements, and more.

Secure Off–Site Backup

Because your data is critical to your business, VISION securely uploads a backup of your data every day to an off–site server.